Top 10 Places to visit in Bangkok in 2019

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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is full of crowd, colours, noise and excitement. This is one of the biggest cities in the world and has the population of about 9 million inhabitants. There are many magnificent temples, extensive canals and palaces to be visited. Due to its heavy traffic congestion, the best transport around Bangkok is Skytrain, the tuk-tuk and the metro. But if you want to memorize the tour to Bangkok you can take a boat ride on the canals.

Bangkok also consist of gateway to many other parts of Thailand such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and many other popular destinations can be reached by a short flight. You can also visit national treasures like Lopburi, Ayutthaya and many other places of the country just by boarding a train or a bus with a little money. Listed are the best places to visit in Bangkok which can make your tour memorable-


Grand Palace

Grand Palace, Bangkok

  • Grand Palace-The royal compound was built in the year 1782, which serves as a royal residence for generations. The palace is still used for ceremonies. You should avoid any sloppy attire while visiting the palace. The dress should cover your legs and arms. It is a half day sightseeing tour with pick up from the hotel and a local guide. Without a guide you can miss some interesting features about the palace and the hotel pick up could make your whole tour much simpler.


Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)- It is one of the oldest and largest temples of Bangkok, which was constructed by King Rama 200 years before Bangkok became the capital city of Thailand. The statue is about 45 m long and 15 m high.


  • Wat Arun- It is situated on the Thonburi side of Chao Phraya River. It is also sometimes known as Temple of Dawn. The place will drive you back in the ancient battle, fought between former Siam and Burma. To experience the sun set over Chao Phraya River, you should climb up to the prang just before sunset.


  • Temple of the Golden Buddha, Wat Traimit The temple is best known for its 3 metres high statue of Golden Buddha, which weighs more than five tons. No one knows the origin of the golden statue and attempt to find out has also been failed. But here it stands available to be admired by visitors coming from all over the world.


  • Phuket Beaches If you can travel by short flights from Bangkok, then you can experience these quiet, romantic and hideaway beaches. Some of the Phuket Beaches that are must watched are:





  • Pansea Beach
  • Nai Harn Beach
  • Kata Beach
  • Cape Panwa Beach
  • many more

The island has many stretches of warm and clear water.

Bangkok Giant Swing

Bangkok Giant Swing

  • Giant Swing- It is one of the eye-catching sights in the centre of the busy square. The swing experiences a religious ceremony that is held every year after the rice harvest in December. Team of three swung on it at 25m or more off the ground, at the point where they could catch a bag of Silver coins in their teeth.


  • Lumphini Park It is one of the nature’s gifts to Bangkok. The park was originally designed to show Thai craft and flowers. This is the place for relaxing where people can sit back and relax and may also do their morning and evening exercises. Visitors may also take a ride on a paddle boat. Free concerts on Sundays are also organised in the park.


Dusit Palace

Dusit Palace

  • Dusit PalaceThe palace was constructed between 1897 and 1901 by king Rama V. This royal residence was built in the European style. The Vimanmek mansion is the world’s largest wooden mansion which is built of golden teak wood. If you visit the grand palace before it, you may get a free entry here by keeping showing the previous tickets.


  • Wat SuthatIt stood just adjacent to Great Swing and is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Bangkok. It was constructed by three Kings. It was begun by King Rama I in 1782; King Rama II continued it while it was completed by Rama III ten years later. The peaceful site has interesting wall paintings carved on its interiors.


bangkok national museum

Bangkok National Museum

  • National Museum & Wang Na PalaceThis was the Thailand’s only museum in mid 1970s. It is a half day sightseeing tour. A guide will explain all in English, so you would not miss any of the country’s history. It consists of ceremonial and religious artefacts, weaponry, games, ceramics, musical instruments and the throne of viceroy.


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